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Comprehensive Brokerage and
Advisory Services

Litigation finance is an exciting new practice, offering an expanding range of valuable financial solutions for law firms and corporations.  I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the global growth of litigation finance, holding senior management roles in New York and London with two of the world’s largest funding companies.


My experience in the industry has made clear to me, however, that those seeking to access the litigation finance market are often at a considerable disadvantage.  Many lawyers who attempt to obtain funding – often for the first time – have an incomplete understanding of the practice or are unaware of existing market standards. These lawyers are at the mercy of the funding companies – who view lawyers and their clients as “counter-parties” rather than “clients” – and who are content to maintain their monopoly on vital market information such as pricing, process, underwriting, and other critical aspects of litigation finance.  


At Red Bridges Advisors, our mission is to provide market knowledge and expertise to those seeking litigation finance – so that they may properly understand, negotiate, and secure financing.  Despite the industry’s well-earned reputation for opaqueness, we believe litigation finance should be transparent to all those who seek to partake in it. In short, we are fully aligned with the interests of our clients and are working to overcome the information asymmetry that presently exists in the market.  


While litigation finance is simple in concept, it is often difficult in practice.  Selecting the right funding company, negotiating optimum pricing, avoiding oppressive terms, and ensuring that ethical issues are properly addressed – are all responsibilities that benefit from prior experience.  And because the process of obtaining funding is notoriously time consuming and onerous, it’s enormously valuable to have a knowledgeable partner who can accelerate the steps necessary to secure financing – from the initial presentation, through due diligence, to final deal approval and contract.


Given my extended time in the industry, I have existing relationships with all the major funders, both in the U.S. and the U.K.  I am aware of the important issues that need to be addressed in funding, as well as the land-mines – ethical and otherwise – that need to be avoided.  And given my time as a lawyer – both in private practice and in-house – I genuinely appreciate the concerns of those seeking to secure litigation funding, and the environments in which they work.


At Red Bridges Advisors, we offer three primary services:

  • Brokering.  We work side-by-side with clients who are actively seeking financing.  Our efforts extend through every step of the funding process – from information gathering and funder selection through deal closing and initial financing. 

  • Advising.  We provide expert advice on issues related to litigation finance, including second opinions on deal pricing and related topics.  Many such clients are exploring the advantages of litigation finance, without having identified a specific opportunity.

  • Educating.  We dispel the mystery surrounding our industry. For many years we have been presenting to law firms and other groups on the topic of litigation finance, and are happy to tailor a presentation to your organization.


We are eager to assist our clients to ensure a positive experience with litigation finance.  Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you are considering taking advantage of what litigation finance has to offer.

N.B. To read more about our Managing Director and Founder, Andrew Langhoff, please click below:

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