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What Red Bridges Advisors
Can Do For You

Red Bridges Advisors was founded to provide guidance to those seeking litigation finance.  Towards that end, this site’s primary goal is to answer three fundamental questions:



Our hope is that – upon reflection – you’ll decide that your exploration of litigation finance will be more insightful, more economical, and more successful, if you partner with us for your journey.  

We look forward to discussing your interest in litigation finance, and to providing answers to difficult questions based on our years of experience in the market.  Once you’ve had a look around the site, please be in touch

And if you're not yet ready to jump in with us, we’re happy to answer threshold questions about obtaining litigation finance (see The Basics) and to provide a general introduction to the practice.  For a short primer on litigation finance, please click below: 




Have questions? Please contact us.

We are here to work for you.  You can be in touch by email or by phone.

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